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Are there toilet facilities?



Where do I dispose of my dog waste?

There are not any poo bins on the premises, however there are several locally. 


Is there fresh water available for my dog?



Do I have to share the paddock with other owners?

No. Booking the secure field for dog owners is for exclusive use.


Can my friend attend with me?

Yes. The booking fee is then due for each owner.


How do I pay?

By cash only.


Is there somewhere I can park?

Yes. Please park at the back of our house.


Can I smoke in the paddock?

No. Our entire premises is non smoking.


Is there a maximum number of dogs I am allowed in one session?

No. We are happy to accept large groups.


Can I bring children with me?

Yes, however we do not accept liability if an accident occurred.


My dog has been recently unwell. Can I still attend my appointment?

No. Please leave 48 hours before using the paddock.


Is there any shelter in the field?

No. We recommend that you come suitably dressed for the weather conditions.

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